September 2022: Chosen to serve

Sep 1, 2022 | Word of the Month

The topic of election is something that has really been on my mind. We are still inclined to think that we have been elected only to be saved at the end of time. God has chosen us, we will be saved and all the others not.

But things are not that simple. Let’s take a simple example. We all know brothers and sisters, even family members, who are no longer interested in God, who no longer attend divine services, who no longer have a relationship with God. Do we really want to suggest that they are not chosen, that they will be lost? Anyone with a spark of love in their heart for their neighbour cannot think like that. That just cannot be our understanding of election.

But then what exactly is election? Election means you have been called to serve. You have been chosen to serve the Lord and to help so that His salvation can be proclaimed to all people. This is election. It may perhaps sound a little less easy-going and convenient, but it can be reconciled with love of neighbour.

You have not been chosen to be saved while everyone else will be lost. You have been called to serve the Lord and humankind. This is what election means: chosen to serve!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle