November 2022: Negative perceptions

November 2022: Negative perceptions

Unpleasant, even terrible things happen on this earth which we often cannot explain. People then often create enemy images in order to justify their animosity and have someone to blame for the misery. Be it a nation, a certain group, or a neighbour.

Whether this group actually has anything to do with what has happened is completely irrelevant. People simply look for a scapegoat to justify their animosity, someone on whom they can unleash their anger about the situation. How much discord and antagonism, and how much suffering has already been caused by such thinking?

We do not need to create such a negative perception for ourselves because we already know our enemy. This is not just some person. We are talking about evil here! This is what we must overcome. What is dangerous for our salvation is not the evil that others do to us, but our reaction to it. As with everything else, we need to become more like Christ in this respect as well. He did not even have to create an enemy image for Himself. It was obvious who condemned, tortured, and killed Him. In fact, He could look these people in the eye. But He knew who was in actual fact responsible for His suffering. That is why He could say, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23: 34). And that is why He defeated His – our – enemy, namely evil.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle

October 2022: God creates new things

October 2022: God creates new things

The Lord creates new things. He also creates new knowledge through the Holy Spirit, and He leads us into the perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I know that one or the other has trouble with these new insights. For years you believed certain things, it was preached for years, and now everything is different and new. What is more important now? What you believed, said, preached, or heard for years? Or what comes from the Holy Spirit and brings us closer to Jesus Christ?

Dear brothers and sisters, let us not categorically cling to things only because we heard and believed them for years. The question here is not whether it was right or wrong.

The important question we need to ask ourselves is: does this new thought bring me closer to Jesus Christ? If this is the case, then let us walk this path and accept this new knowledge. If it does not correspond to the will of God and creates distance to Jesus Christ, then let us not pay any further attention to this new thought.

New knowledge from the Holy Spirit leads us closer to salvation and blessing, and it will bring us even closer to Jesus Christ. Let us accept it. Brother, sister, allow yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Thanksgiving Address

Thanksgiving Address

In the leadup towards the celebration of Thanksgiving, it is valuable to take some time to acknowledge all that we can be thankful for. After several years of restrictions and lockdowns, this Thanksgiving provides an opportunity for all to once again come into the Lord’s house and celebrate with our fellow members.

District Apostle Schulte has recorded a short message, where he discusses different forms of offering, our hearts’ attitude, and the love that God has for us all.

This presentation is available to view by clicking on the link below.


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