A new initiative for our district has recently been developed, with the creation of a series of devotionals.  These devotionals are around 30 minutes in length, and give an opportunity to reflect more deeply on a variety of topics and their relevance to our spiritual development. The devotionals will focus on different themes throughout the year.

APRIL 2022
Passiontide devotional – Christ’s path of passion

The way to Jerusalem was a path to suffering, to the cross, but ultimately also to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the core of Christian faith. Jesus’ life was about His passion to fulfil the Holy will of God, His Father. The love of God for all of mankind was manifest in the life of Jesus, His Son.

Christians endeavour to serve and worship God with the same passion that God serves us. In the court of King Agrippa, the apostle, Paul, professed his faith with such passion that Agrippa responded with, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.”

Our path of passion testifies the significance of Jesus Christ for salvation in both word and deed.

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