The church of Jesus Christ has a concealed side and a revealed side. In this respect it corresponds to the dual nature of Jesus Christ, who is both true Man and true God. The concealed side of the church is embraced through faith and is experienced in the sacraments and in the spoken word of God. The revealed side of the church is a reference to the true humanity of Jesus Christ.

The church is ‘apostolic’ – the apostolicity of the church has a content-related aspect and a person-related aspect, that is:

  1. The gospel of Christ, His death, resurrection, and return of Christ (as preached by the early Apostles) is proclaimed within it
  2. The apostolic ministry is historically manifest in the Apostles who are working in the church in this present time

The New Apostolic Church has three ordained ministries:

  1. The Apostle ministry
  2. The Priest ministry
  3. The Deacon ministry

There are also leadership roles in the church who are appointed to provide reliable leadership for the congregations.

Sunday school teachers are assigned to teach Biblical understanding and provide Christian guidance for the children in the congregations. Youth leaders are assigned to provide pastoral care and spiritual direction for the youth in the congregations.