Sunday School is available to all children. A child’s Sunday school career begins at the age of 6 and spans the following courses as the child progresses through the curriculum:

  • a four year Sunday school course
  • a three year Religious Instruction course

The international curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the developmental stages of the children in each course. The content of each lesson is scripturally based with a contemporary application so that the children are able to experience their faith. The Sunday school teachers are appointed according to the needs of each individual congregation. In addition to the formal lessons, a wide range of activities are also introduced into the Sunday school calendar.  During these activities the children develop their relationships with other children as well as the teachers.

Sunday School

AGES 6 – 9

Sunday school is the earliest opportunity to begin formally teaching the fundamentals of a child’s faith, by dedicated teachers who are voluntary helpers in this area of the work of God.  Sunday school tuition forms an integral part of the spiritual care of the children of the New Apostolic Church. Lessons generally take place after the Sunday morning divine service . However, this should be confirmed by contacting your nearest congregation.  Details of all congregations in the Western Pacific district can be found in Locations.

Religious Instruction

AGES 10 – 12

Religious instruction has to do with the history of the kingdom of God from ancient times to today, as it relates to the children’s life of faith. Their faith is deepened, their knowledge promoted, and the coherence in God’s wonderful plan of salvation and redemption explained. All of this will increase their joy to be a Christian. The religious instruction classes are part of a comprehensive New Apostolic education process within the parental home and in the congregation.

Children’s Choir & Orchestra

The foundation for future musical development is also laid into our children during their time in Sunday school.  All children are exposed to choir singing in Sunday school, and are also encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument where possible. Children’s choirs sing in some divine services and on various other occasions.

Sunday School services

Special divine services for the Sunday school children are held througout the year to teach them about their faith in a surrounding that is more familiar to children, and at a level that is directed to their understanding and retention period.

Social activities

Activities outside of the church grounds are often organised to allow children to enjoy time together in a more social environment.  This is essential to the development of the children as youth and into adulthood.  These activities are generally organised within the congregations however this may also occur on a larger level.

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