Offering and sacrifice in the Christian sense should not be considered an enforced obligation. Neither should it be made in expectation of reward, but rather freely, out of faith, gratitude, and love. The willingness to offer and sacrifice may find its expression in many forms. Much of what takes place in congregational life is only made possible through the members’ deep conviction and love for God and His work. Many members voluntarily donate a considerable portion of their free time, energy, and abilities in service to God and the community.

For New Apostolic Christians, willingness to offer and sacrifice is a matter of the heart. Believers also feel the need to express their thankfulness and love toward God in concrete gifts. In so doing they can take direction from the tithe mentioned in Malachi 3:10. An offering box is located in each church for those who wish to make a financial contribution. These are made voluntarily and mostly anonymously.

With all offerings, the attitude of heart is of decisive importance. Jesus made mention of this when he observed a poor widow giving two mites as her offering (Luke 21:1-4). God not only blesses material offerings, but also offerings of time, gifts, and abilities brought for Him and His work.

Source: NAC Catechism 13.2


For members within Australia and New Zealand, funds can be transferred directly to the New Apostolic Church bank account via online banking.


An offering box is discreetly located in every congregation, where you can freely place your offering. Offerings can take the form of either cash or cheque.


Should it be more convenient, a cheque can be sent to the Western Pacific District Administration Office for banking. 


If you would like to specificy the New Apostolic Church as a beneficiary in your will, we encourage you to speak with your legal representative to provide you with independent advice.


We are now able to accept offerings via card FROM AUSTRALIA & NZ ONLY.

Please ensure you select your congregation on the form that pops up.