Catechism of the

New Apostolic Church


In 2012, to coincide with the 150 year anniversary of the New Apostolic Church, a comprehensive description of our beliefs was published. The Catechism expresses fundamental convictions common to all Christians, but also sets forth the special features of the New Apostolic faith.

The Catechism can also be downloaded to your phone or tablet. Search “naccatechism” in the App Store.

Creed of the

New Apostolic Church


The New Apostolic Creed is closely related to the early church creeds.

The first three Articles of Faith largely correspond to the Apostolicum. The seven Articles of Faith that follow represent an interpretation and further development of, as well as a complement to, these creeds as they apply to the ministries, the sacraments, the teaching of the last things, as well as the relationship between the individual and society.

Faith in Life – A Life of Faith

Portrait of a Living Denomination


Having come into contact with the New Apostolic Church, you may be looking for a concise summary of who we are, and what we believe. Perhaps you have neighbours or co-workers, friends or relatives who are members of the New Apostolic Church, or have noticed one of our church buildings, and would like a little more information.

Whatever the reason, this brochure provides a summary of the fundamental teachings and beliefs of the New Apostolic Church.