To be New Apostolic means to be a dedicated Christian. To New Apostolic Christians the gospel is more than a set of traditional beliefs: it is both a precious gift from God and the specific expectations God has of all people. The system of values established in the Ten Commandments and the gospel is summed up by Jesus Christ in one pivotal instruction: to love God and our fellow man (Matthew 22:37-40). This is an expression of God’s will which gives clear direction in our fast-paced time with all its changing social values.

The beliefs of the New Apostolic Church are based upon the Holy Scriptures; both the Old and New Testaments. In English-speaking countries, the New King James Version is used as the authorised version.

Life as a New Apostolic Christian is not limited to the congregation, nor is fellowship limited to those who share our faith. After all, the greatest portion of our everyday lives takes place outside of the church setting, in school or university, at home or at work, in hospitals or aged care facilities. New Apostolic Christians are part of the community in which they live; they are neighbours, co-workers, spouses.

Irrespective of whether one is working or unemployed, single, married, divorced or widowed, regardless of what life brings, in all situations it helps to have a faith that:

  • promotes trust in God despite problems and sickness
  • recognises wellbeing and wealth as cause for gratitude
  • gives meaning and content to life, and
  • gives the assurance that life on earth is followed by eternal life

Why New Apostolic?

New Apostolic Christians are often asked this question. And there is no single, standard answer. Differences from one denomination may be similarities with another. New Apostolic Christians believe:

  • in a triune God who wishes to help all mankind
  • that the New Apostolic Church is Jesus Christ’s work of redemption in our time;
  • that Jesus Christ reigns in His church and gave it the Apostle ministry, which is necessary to prepare believing souls for Christ’s return
  • that Jesus Christ established three sacraments for His church, which are also dispensed upon children: Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, and Holy Sealing
  • that Holy Sealing, the bestowal of the Holy Spirit, can only be done by Apostles of Jesus
  • that Jesus Christ will soon return – and for that reason this event is purposely included in our life of faith
  • that when Jesus Christ returns it will not be for the last judgement, but to take His own to Himself
  • that before the last judgement there will be a kingdom of peace ruled by the Son of God where everyone who has ever lived will be offered grace and redemption
  • that the souls of people who died unredeemed can receive salvation in Christ today