Special focus is given to the teenage and young adult members between the ages of 13 to 17 in the New Apostolic Church.  Activities that are specifically designed for their age groups are arranged wherever possible.  These include leisure activities, social outings and outreach activities, as well as more formal learning forums.  Various activities are conducted within the congregation, at district levels and on occasions at a national level.


AGES 13-14

For the teenage child, the program of religious instruction is replaced by confirmation classes. After the confirmation course has been completed at the age of 14, the child is then ready to enter adult Christian life through the making of a public vow to God on his/her day of Confirmation. 

Youth Meetings

Evenings are held on a regular basis where youth age people come together and discuss topics which may confront them in everyday life. They also enjoy topics that give them a deeper insight into their beliefs and faith.

Youth Services

Youth services are conducted on a regular basis specifically for the youth, so they can learn and grow in understanding regarding their faith. Young people are encouraged to be involved in the congregation through the various activities that take place, and also through music by being members of the choirs and musical groups that function in the congregations.

Youth Activities

Social activities are regularly scheduled and our youth are encouraged to participate and spend time in each other’s company in a less formal setting. Youth conventions also take place in various locations usually once a year, where young people travel in order to meet new people and renew old friendships.