Enrichment Camp in Western Australia

Dec 5, 2019 | Events

Over one picture-perfect, sunny beachside weekend in late November 2019, more than 100 members of all ages attended a whole district wide enRICHment Retreat, a first for Western Australia. The aim was simple: take the year’s motto “Rich in Christ” and plan something special where everyone from the young to the young at heart could equally experience some enRICHing fellowship. 

A number of events targeting the interests of all brothers and sisters were planned as part of the “Road to EnRICHment”. These included a cultural walk through King’s Park with one of the Aboriginal Elders of Perth, an indoor sports night, a “foods of the world” festival and an evening of karaoke. The engagement of our members was incredible and by the time they arrived at the Ern Halliday Camp, strong relationships had already been formed.

A number of activities – including a Mexican Fiesta and impressive dance off – took place on the Friday night. Saturday brought with it archery, tunnelling and a BBQ lunch at the beach. In the evening carols by candlelight capped off the day beautifully.

District Apostle Schulte and his wife Tammy joined the members at the camp for the entire weekend. The District Apostle enRICHed the group by participating in a question and answers session where the doctrine and its application were explored further. A little later a surprise guest all the way from the North Pole stopped by to hand out some presents to the Sunday School children.

Santa’s visit aside, the weekend’s highlight was undisputedly the divine service, where more than 250 members were in attendance. This was followed by a valedictory concert for the confirmands, which provided some insight into who they are. All agreed that the weekend was truly enRICHing!