April 2020: Being happy as we follow Jesus

Apr 1, 2020 | Word of the Month

Dear brothers and sisters,

Our greatest wish is to have fellowship with God and with one another forever. Jesus Christ has created the conditions required for this. His life and death, His resurrection, ascension, and return are geared toward precisely this purpose. If we remain at His hand in faithfulness, He will lead us safely and securely into His kingdom.

However, we also want to be happy in our lives. This is possible for us as we follow Jesus Christ:

  • a humble person who is determined to do good works, and who loves and helps his or her neighbour, will always find a place in society.
  • God blesses those who believe, and grants them peace – which enables them to remain composed, no matter what happens.
  • Jesus Christ liberates us from the fear of commitment. Jesus enables those who are determined to do His will to be happy spouses and parents, and also creates the conditions necessary for this.

Christ liberates those who put His word into practice. He makes it possible—and creates the conditions—for them to become that which they have decided they want to be. Thanks to Him we can overcome evil, grow into His image, and become worthy to enter into His kingdom. And already today, we can lead a happy life and be a blessing for others.


Jean-Luc Schneider

Source: nak.org