August 2020: Professing Christ

Aug 1, 2020 | Word of the Month

There are many reasons for attending a divine service: the desire to experience the nearness of God, to hear His word, to praise and glorify Him, and to enjoy fellowship with our brethren, as well as the longing for forgiveness of sins and Holy Communion. However, there is one other reason of which we may not be so well aware, and that is: we also go to church in order to profess that we are Christians! This profession of Christ is important because it leads to salvation – and not just our own, but also that of those who learn of the gospel through our testimony.

Over the past months we have made the painful experience that divine service is not simply a matter of course. It is a gift of God. So how can we make such a profession when there are no divine services, or when we cannot attend them? Let us simply profess how much we miss the local divine services! During the pandemic, there was a lot of discussion about all the things we were missing: spending time with our family and friends, trips to the hairstylist, or a great meal in our favourite restaurant. But did we also talk about how much we missed attending the divine services? If we did, then even this was a profession of Jesus Christ. 

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle