September 2020: A question of credibility

Sep 1, 2020 | Word of the Month

In today’s media and social networks, we are constantly bombarded with false information that has been deliberately spread, a phenomenon that has come to be known as fake news. Reports are completely fictitious, many speculations are made, and facts are often mixed with false information. And at times it even happens that people pay more attention to this fake news than to the truth—often because it is also emotionally charged. The glut of information that inundates us can also make it difficult for us to keep our eyes on the truth and decide whom to believe.  

Jesus Christ always speaks the truth. He is the truth. His doctrine – the gospel – is timeless truth irrespective of all human opinions. It is unchangeable. We can always orient ourselves by the truth of Jesus.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle