January 2021: Christ, our future!

Jan 1, 2021 | Word of the Month

The past year 2020 was characterised by the coronavirus pandemic. There is one thing that this crisis has not been able to take from us: our trust in God! He is and remains our heavenly Father, who wants only the best for His children.

This faith is also to define our future. Although we do not know what this new year 2021 will hold in store for us, we begin it in the certainty that Jesus is coming soon! That is the goal of our faith. Hence the motto for this year is: “Christ, our future!”

  • Christ is our future because He gives us certainty. In Him we find the energy and motivation required to endure on our path of faith. Neither the difficulties of life nor the conduct of others are to discourage us. Let us resolutely make our way to the goal.
  • Christ is our future because He is our salvation and wants to perfect us. His death and resurrection are the basis for this. He knows that we are capable of attaining salvation and provides us with everything necessary for this purpose. The promise of the Lord that He will bring His work to completion is certain. By remaining faithful to Him, we can hope in His grace. And we can be certain that His glory will outshine all of our sorrows. 
  • Christ is our future because He is the solution for our ­future. Now it is up to us to decide how we live, how we act, and how we believe. In order to live with Christ forever we already today seek fellowship with Him. His gospel is the foundation on which we build our life as a couple, raise our children, and establish our relationship with our neighbour. Jesus Christ is the model we want to resemble.

I wish you all peaceful thoughts and experiences for this year. May the blessing of God accompany you, and may the peace of the Risen One be with you! Let us keep our trust in Jesus Christ, because our spiritual future depends on it. By keeping our eyes fixed on Christ we will reach the goal!

Heartfelt greetings,

Jean-Luc Schneider

Source: nak.org