September 2021: Representation

Sep 1, 2021 | Word of the Month

When athletes take part in the Olympic Games, they also represent the country under whose flag they are competing. The symbols of the different nations are omnipresent, especially at the awards ceremonies.

For many this is a huge additional motivation not only to train and compete for their own success but also for their country. If they do their job well, they might even receive a decoration from their head of state at home. For this they do not even necessarily have to come back with a gleaming medal hanging from their neck. Sometimes those who did not win but gave everything and behaved in an exemplary manner are celebrated the most.

We are disciples of Jesus, whom He has sent into the world to represent Him. In our everyday lives—whether it is the children at school or the parents at work—we do not only work upon our own success. We represent Jesus Christ. Our mission is to live up to Him and His teaching—a wonderful motivation to grow more and more into His nature.

What we receive in return eclipses any medals or other decorations: whoever represents Jesus, whoever stands up for Him and fights for Him, can be absolutely sure that Jesus will do the same for him, regardless of whether we are successful or not.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle