Motto for 2022: Together in Christ

Jan 1, 2022 | Announcements

The Chief Apostle has announced the motto for 2022, and he explains this further in his New Year’s address. The theme is about togetherness, and this is explained on four levels:

  • first: our fellowship with the triune God 
  • second: our fellowship in the divine service 
  • third: living together in fellowship
  • and finally: the fellowship of the living and the dead. 

Each year, the various districts around the globe are invited to design a logo for this theme.  In previous years, the logos for the Western Pacific district have been designed by members in South Korea, Papua New Guinea and Australia.  This time, the task fell to our members in Samoa.

There are a number of elements represented in the logo that they have designed:

The small oblong shapes on the top and bottom represent grave stones (the dead), and the four shapes of people represent the living (living and dead; Together in Christ)

The three crosses represent the Trinity

The four green triangular shapes signify that ”I will lift up my eyes to the hills – from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven & earth.” (Psalms 121:1-2)

The long orange spear shapes in between the circles represent the long boats that are found in the Pacific Islands. These boats are used to move productively forward, and the people in the boats row in absolute unison.  These spears also symbolise courage and fight for the good.

We wish all a happy and successful New Year, and God’s richest blessings in the days ahead.